The origin of “THE TALE OF TEETOO”


Have you ever wondered where our loved ones travel after they die?  I’ve always believed that people go to a heavenly place.  Because I find the moon and stars such a wondrous sight on a clear night, I’ve chosen to write my tale, and the music that accompanies it, about the many billions of beautiful stars in the sky, and how each one shines for someone that has been very special to us.

This story evolved over the course of many years, as I helplessly watched my mother battle Alzheimer’s disease.  I wish to honor her memory and all the love, wisdom and inspiration that she imparted to me.

THE TALE OF TEETOO, THE LITTLE STAR, begins with Teetoo’s wish to leave the comfort of Mother Moon’s star house in the sky to search for the person for whom he should shine.  The little star has exciting encounters with constellations, as he spirals down through space, finally landing on earth.  Teetoo is eventually paired up with a small girl in a wheelchair, who treasures the star as one of her favorite possessions.  At the end of her lifetime, many years later, Teetoo flies back to the star house, and Mother Moon bestows upon him the right to shine in the heavens with other loyal stars that have “earned their wings.”